Jonathan Neville
Jonathan Neville


Moroni's Keys was released in September 2014.


The Rule of Equity was released in July 2014.

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The Rule of Equity

The Rule of Equity is a fast-paced thriller novel many have compared to the works of Dan Brown and John Grisham. Hyrum Cobb, the Native American head of the Bureau of Indian Affairs, is framed for a sensational murder and goes into hiding. He seeks the assistace of long-time friend Tom Madison, a politically connected lawyer and investment banker. Tom joins forces with his ex-wife Magena to uncover the conspiracy, only to discover that Hyrum himself has plotted the peaceful takeover of the Federal Government to replace the rule of corruption with the rule of equity. Tom's decision to help or oppose Hyrum's plan will change the course of history.

The Great Recession of 2008 shattered confidence in the future of America. Pevious empires beset by moral decay, excessive debt, and corrupt politics, collapsed in ruins. By all measures, history is repeating itself.


But this time could be different.


Hyrum Cobb, a brilliant Native American Indian lawyer, stumbled across secrets that would rewrite history--but also save the nation. He accepted the President's invitation to run the Bureau of Indian Affairs, giving him the toehold in the federal government he needs to change everything. But powerful forces like things just as they are...

Moroni's   Keys

Moroni's Keys is my latest book. It's the story of Marianne Simms, a missionary in Paris, France, who learns some surprising truths about the Book of Mormon as she works with a promising investigator family. Joelle is eager to learn about the church. Her husband Dmitri, a professional archaeologist, has soured on religion but is intrigued by the possibility of a historical record of Ancient America. As she seeks to answer Dmitri's questions, Sister Simms finds answers to important questions she never considered before--questions central to sharing the gospel to a skeptical world.


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Book 1 of the series:

The Joy Helpers

More background about The Rule of Equity

The ancient civilizations of North America embedded codes in massive earthworks that could be the answer to avoiding the fate of previous empires--if we can discover their meaning in time.

Another empire on the verge of collapse?

Stunning truth about the institutions that rule the nation, revealed at last!


The first American anthropologist

Thomas Jefferson dug Indian mounds on his property near Montecello. What did he find?

Extinct giants

Like many Americans in his day, Abraham Lincoln was familiar with the "extinct giants whose bones fill the mounds of Americans." What was he referring to? What do you know about it?

Jonathan Neville

Jonathan Neville is a well-known author located in SALT LAKE CITY, Utah. Jonathan's recent work includes The Clown House and The Rule of Equity.

Moroni's Keys is part of a three-set series, based on the experiences of a missionary in France whose understanding of the gospel deepens when she encounters skepticism and cynicism that challenge her beliefs.

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